A New Kind of APPRVL


Even with the likes of Reformation in the midst, when one thinks natural and eco fashion they don’t often think ‘cool’. But as we found out on a team road trip to Joshua Tree, environmentally friendly definitely doesn’t have to mean boring. With everything from pillows, to pins, and even bandanas with punchy saying, one of my personal favorite discoveries was New York based label APPRVL.

APPRVL started after founder Megan Mussari  found her synthetically dyed work being sent to developing nations and negatively impacting the local environments. Since seeing her artwork produced in such a destructive manner felt unjust, she began to try out something new. With this in mind she started her passion project of dying using natural plant based dyes and turned this into a full job after local shops in New York became interested in her work.


When we visited with the APPRVL team at Desert & Denim (their first tradeshow none the less) we also found out that this operation is a family matter. The sibling duo works together, with one sister screen printing (in this case bandanas) and the other indigo dying.

In addition to producing their own home goods, APPRVL also repurposes to give otherwise thrift store throwaways a second life. Vintage napkin sets are transformed into dinner party appropriate table accessories, much more hip loft night than grandma’s house.  African mud cloths are also made into gorgeous throws and blankets perfect for adding some visual interest into an otherwise basic room.

desertanddenim_8 desertanddenim_7

Overall, even with a focus on creating pieces with an eye for the environment, APPRVL totally still has that ‘make your friends’ jealous appeal that only trendy up and coming labels can provide.



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