Totally Blown


Written By Laura Cuellar

“We want people to the shotgun from different perspectives. Turning it from a killing machine to a creative machine.” – Cody Montgomery

TotallyBlown-1 TotallyBlown-2 TotallyBlown-3

Totally Blown literally blows a shotgun into t-shirts, kimonos, dresses, scarves and even beanies. Partners in business and in life Cody Montgomery and Sarah Harris have been creating and developing Totally Blown since 2013.

The origin story begins in a cabin in Iowa. When a mouse chewed up one of Cody’s T-Shirt. It went from being a okay shirt to his favorite shirt. Obviously, Cody wanted to recreate the look but didn’t want to invite more mice into his cabin and that’s when it clicked. He used his shotgun and totally blown was born.

After Cody moved west he met Sarah and together they settled in Joshua tree. Joshua Tree was the perfect place to grow totally blown.

They started with vintage clothing. They also began testing different types of materials like denim,cotton,woven and knitted pieces. They recently finished their first collection and are designing all the patterns and pieces.

desertanddenim_43 desertanddenim_48

The CCC team were privileged to have a first hand experience out in the desert – shooting up our very own tees. Turning a killing machine into a creative machine.


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