Buy This Not That | Spring 2017

The Buy This Not That trend series started last fall – you can read more about the impetus here. Suffice to say, fly by night trends, not that conscious. Finding something you love within the zeitgeist that you can wear forever – well that works. It was with this in mind, this trend series was born. So let’s have a look at what we love this Spring.

Colour is a good place to start when thinking about adopting trends and yellow is such a great sunshiney colour, you’ll want to wear it the second the sun comes out, regardless of whether it’s “in” or not.

Ok. So according to New York Magazine pink is not going anywhere and thank god. It’s my favourite color and I’ll wear it whether it’s on trend or not, but while it’s on trend – stock up now.

There’s nothing like a classic stripe to take you through Spring and Summer – and this year that classic stripe is seeing iterations beyond the breton tee. think oversized dresses and jumpsuits (with the classic tee making an obvious appearance).

Desert hued pastels with a world worn look have been classic since the prairie days. If you’re a desert bum you’ll fit right in, if you’re not embrace the look and you might find it does something to your attitude.



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