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Ah September is here, and the weather is cooling off (or not coughglobalwarmingcough) and our sartorial brains are turning to layers and new looks and that dreaded word for the conscious fashionista, TRENDS.

Instead of doing a huge macro trends piece this season, we’re going to focus on a few trends (and “un-trends” –  just things we love!). We decided to start with a controversial one, and one that’s a little harder to achieve and stay eco-ethical. LEOPARD.

Let’s start by talking about faux fur vs real fur. Personally I can’t do real fur, but I’m forgiving of folks that wear vintage real fur. Brand new real fur, nope no-way, na uh. Gross. So where does that leave us? Faux-fur has come a long way to looking realistic, but let’s face it, it’s made of plastic. Alden Wicker wrote an excellent article for Refinery29 on this very subject, which is more ethical… read here and make your own conclusion. Personally it lead me to determine that vintage faux-fur was my only option (since I really can’t bear to wear real fur) so all the furry-type options below are vintage faux-fur.

Here’s the other eco-ethical dilemma with leopard, as with other trends, that can happen very much in passing, the fashion folks inclination is to buy cheap and fast. Cheap and fast is rarely ethically produced, and we can pretty much guarantee that these garments are going to be a poly-plastic-party. Which is not a kinky fun time, for the record. This means we have to go a little upmarket with our leopard needs, look for silk and cotton, and suddenly your trend piece becomes an investment piece. How much do you love leopard?

So what are the shopping rules for indulging in this trend?

1. If going furry go both vintage and faux

2. Avoid cheap and fast (as always)

3. No polyester or plastics

4. Look for silk and cotton

5. Think classic silhouettes, especially if you’re investing (you can wear leopard off-trend you know)

6. Vintage is your best bet

7. Think neutral, this trend is less garish and more earth-toned


Looking for even more vintage finds? Check out this Etsy List.





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