Conscious Collective Co was originally founded in 2012 as the Los Angeles Fashion Council, as the mission of LAFC broadened to include national and international brands, and our criteria narrowed to support brands that met conscious values, a rebranding was essential to share our message universally.

Conscious Collective Co speaks to our community origins as the Los Angeles Fashion Council but supports a broader base of designers across the globe.

The site has three parts. The first part is our journal, here we share our musings, interviews with our favorite conscious brands, brand features and our regular fashion editorials (these are our fave). The second part is our shopping guide, here you can search for new brands to love, and search by the value that matters to you most, eco, domestically manufactured, fair trade, social impact and a special section for beauty, because leaving the house without lipstick on is like being naked for us. The last part will launch later this year and is a huge passion project: The CSR Project. This is a  look at those big corporations and the good (and bad) they’re doing and how they report that to consumers  – basically making mall shopping a more informed (“conscious”) process.

One thing we want to make super clear is that we’re not experts, we’ve not spent years studying sustainability, we have degrees in things like fashion, photography and err, theatre. We’re not perfect. But we’re aiming to be much better. Which is all any of us can hope for. So let’s be better together.

Kelsi xoxo